Deer (by Giovanni Mascherpa)
Isis (by Cassi McKee - Nature’s Aura Photography)
Looking for Food (by Josselin Cornou)
White-throated Laughing Thrush (by Hiyashi Haka)
Long Legged Beetle (by Till Kresslein)
Llama (by Camila Mossos)
Chinese Water Dragon (by Cassi McKee - Nature’s Aura Photography)
Why So Serious? (by Josar)
Man’s Best Friend (by Paul Cook)
Jellyfish (by David Li )

Black and white Lemur, taken at the Erie Zoo.
I’m really proud of this one!

As you should be!
Food Time (by Alan Lai)
Young Brown Bear (by Sami Maisniemi)
Piranha (by praline3001)
De Brazza’s Monkey (by Steve Wilson)